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So if you have been looking at the studio you probably are curious what sort of music I've been doing. This year has had a number of projects see completion, some are my own, some are by others.

Here are some CD covers that I did for some of the work. My label is still called Tune Farm, although the studio itself is called Firecrest A these days.

This album is done under my pseudonym. It is all techno dance and a lot of people seem to like it. Mix 141 is my favorite of the album. Living in Europe has influenced me at least a little bit. I did the fractal in Fractint a couple of years ago.
New for Christmas. This is one long ambient loop. Ian and Colin use it to get to sleep, we used to kind of meditate to it.

I originally sequenced this in 1991, but it needed a redo and with the new sampler, and the mixer, and on a CD, it seems to work better.

It's the kind of music you can ignore, which I don't know if people normally are proud of that, but that's what it was made for.

This album is a board recording of the performance that the band I play in did on the first of November 2001 at a place in London called Dingwall's.

Overall it was a marvellous recording, and considering we're not in any way a professional band, we managed to pull off a more professional gig than a lot of the pro bands that have played there, according to the staff.

Hieu Luu did the logo.

This was last Christmas's major delivery to the world. I think we've got 30 or so copies of this out, which is better than usual distribution statistics. We ain't exactly EMI, you know.

This is a collection of stuff ranging around 20 years, so we got old 80's tunes some 90's stuff and even some 70's stuff too.

So you can see why I have all those old pictures on the cover.

The guy whose band I play in kind of got me involved with recording and producing a demo for a very young North London band called Whitelie.

These guys are 16-17 years old and actually sound pretty good although I don't particularly agree with the music, but apparently they are getting a lot of PR and in a couple of years they'll have forgotten me ;^)

This guy was the warm up act on the 1 November gig. He's from Lehmann Bros and I thought he was excellent.

I had asked the sound guy to run my minidisc for the opening act as well as us, so I actually got a good capture, and pulling it to CD wasn't much of a chore.

Hope to see this guy again.